VPIRG releases Clean Heat report

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Over the past five years, VPIREF has released three major reports addressing the challenges and opportunities in determining Vermont’s energy future. These reports provided insights into the economic challenges and environmental impacts of energy use in Vermont and identified solutions that could help Vermont build a clean energy future.

The 2006 report Decade of Change laid out a broad vision for building a renewable electricity portfolio for Vermont. In 2009, VPIREF released the follow-up, Repowering Vermont: Replacing Vermont Yankee for a Clean Energy Future. This report provided amore detailed roadmap for how Vermont can replace Vermont Yankee andmeet 100 percent of the state’s electricity needs through local renewable resources by 2032. RepoweringVermont also explains how Vermont can use renewable electricity sources to completely power the transportation sector.

In 2006, VPIREF also released Building Solutions, which addressed how Vermont could reduce its global warming pollution and savemoney bymaking our homesmore energy efficient.

Now, we’re releasing Clean Heat: Comfortable Homes,Affordable Future. This report builds on that theme by examining the energy fuel sources we use for heating. Clean Heat focuses on Vermont’s thermal fuel mix, inclusive of residential, commercial and industrial uses, and lays out the path Vermont can take to nearly eliminate fossil fuels by 2031.

Click here to download Clean Heat. If you’re interested in recieving printed copies to distribute, please email Clay Francis, VPIRG Clean Energy Advocate, at clay @ vpirg.org.

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