VPIRG joins broad new transportation advocacy coalition


What if we could improve our children’s health and our communities’ bottom lines while increasing access to transportation options that are affordable and better for our environment? We believe it is possible, and that is why we’ve joined Transportation for Vermonters, a broad new transportation coalition. As part of the T4VT coalition, VPIRG will be advocating for forward-looking solutions that help make Vermont’s transportation system more affordable, accessible, and sustainable.


Read about the new Transportation for Vermonters coalition here.

Our transportation system is about how we connect people with the places that matter in their daily lives. We know we need to better integrate public health, environment, and economic development outcomes into decisions about Vermont’s transportation investments, and the time is right for rethinking what a sustainable transportation system can look like in a rural state. These solutions include land use planning, the electrification of out transit system, the development and support of public transit, and more! That’s why it’s so exciting to work with T4VT and advocates for our health, environment, community, land use, and low-income Vermonters to improve Vermont’s transportation network. Stay tuned for more from T4VT.

(Photo by Leonora (Ellie) Enking, “Amtrak pulling into Windsor, Vermont“)

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