VPIRG canvasses UTG for first time

A crew of four VPIRG canvassers journeyed to the farthest reaches of the state to talk to Vermonters about the campaign to label GMOs.  The three-day camping trip marked the first time VPIRG has canvassed many towns in Essex County, including all of the United Towns and Gores (UTG).

Highlights from the crew included:

  • Out-canvassing Peter Welch (the only other group, campaign, or person known to have visited every town) by hiking a door a mile and a half up the trail from Averill to ‘knock on a door’ in Avery’s Gore.  It’s wild, but these guys are dedicated!
  • Scouting houses that don’t exist in the state’s emergency 911 database…the state will probably want to update that info!
  • And, of course, talking with Vermonters about our right to know whether our food has been genetically engineered.

With camping trips heading out to new towns next week, the VPIRG 2013 Summer Citizen Outreach team will have knocked on doors in all of Vermont’s 237 towns, 9 cities, and all those other gores, grants and unincorporated areas.

Well done!

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