The Journey of 30,000 Postcards

Last summer, over 30,000 Vermonters signed a postcard when approached by one of VPIRG’s amazing citizen outreach staffers.

As director of VPIRG’s field organizing, I’m often asked whether adding your name to petition or postcard will make a difference.  Simply put, yes it does.

Each postcard is like a brick.  A single brick does not make a house, but 30,000 bricks lays the foundation for a movement that can overcome the powerful special interests that have been fighting similar labeling campaigns in other states.

I had recently the chance to deliver many of these postcards to a few  of our Senators in person at the State House as part of a citizen lobby day (read more about the event here.)  Every Senator I spoke with during GMO Lobby Day was overwhelmed by the hundreds or thousands of postcards from their constituents.

Our numbers alone don’t guarantee that decision-makers will do the right thing.

There are many ways to do more…

  1. Send your Senator(s) another message by email.
  2. Like VPIRG’s Facebook page to stay in the loop on this campaign and the other public interest issues we work on.
  3. Chip in $10 to help us keep up the pressure.

Our message is clear.  Vermonters have a right to know if the food we eat and feed our families is the product of genetic engineering. We need a simple label. Our Senators can make that happen. And our labels must not wait on others.

Stay tuned for information on a public hearing coming up on the issue.

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