The air waves are heating up about the Bottle Bill

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 12pm VPIRG’s Charity Carbine will be on VPR’s “Vermont Edition” to talk about Vermont’s Bottle Bill and the need to update this successful recycling program to include water bottles and other non-carbonated beverage containers.

However, she won’t be alone.  Also on the air will be Rep. Margaret Cheney (D-Norwich), who is co-sponsoring a bill backed by the beverage industry giants.  That bill (H.218) is highly critical of our Bottle Bill, despite the fact that 93% of Vermonters support the program.  In addition to Vermont, beverage giants have been leading the charge this year to kill bottle return laws in places like Iowa and Maine.

The show will air live Thursday, March 10th, at noon. It’ll also be rebroadcast at 7:00 PM.  I hope you’ll take the opportunity to listen and, if possible, call in to the program to voice your support for our state’s most effective recycling program.  You can reach VPR’s comment line at (800) 639-2211 anytime during the show. You can also send a comment or question ahead of time to

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