Senate to vote on corporate cash and campaign finance

Corporations are not people. But for more than 100 years, federal law has prohibited corporations from contributing directly to candidates running for federal office.

Here in Vermont, though, the law treats corporations just like you or me. Your help could fix the problem, but we need to get moving fast. Ask your senator(s) to vote against continued corporate contributions here.

Last Friday, as part of a larger VPIRG-backed campaign finance bill (S.82), the state Senate voted the right way — they gave preliminary approval to a provision that would mirror the federal law and prevent corporations from taking money out of their general treasuries to give to candidates.

But at the last minute, instead of giving final approval to the bill and sending it to the House as expected, some senators cried foul over the proposed ban on corporate money and the vote was delayed.

What will happen? We don’t know. But the possibility of shenanigans is high. Don’t wait to take action!

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