It’s Oral Health Week!

VPIRG and the Vermont Oral Health Care for All coalition are hosting an “Oral Health Week of Action” – a whole week dedicated to highlighting our campaign to increase dental access in Vermont.

We’re advocating for S.20, a bill that would allow mid-level dental providers (dental therapists) to practice in Vermont. The bill passed the Senate last year, and testimony has begun in the House Human Services committee. The dental therapist model is a proven solution to expanding dentists’ and health clinics’ ability to treat patients. This bill has a large base of support ranging from children’s advocacy groups to dental hygienists.

Dr. Jim Gold, D.D.S., explained his support to the committee saying,

“The dental therapist opportunity will benefit patients, the dental profession, and overall population health. Because they are providing only routine preventive and basic services, their working environment can occur in mobile clinics, schools, and nursing homes; all venues less likely served by a fully staffed dental office. And it is in these venues, particularly in rural parts of Vermont with limited access to fully licensed dentists, where the need is most acute.”

In our push to get the bill through the House, we’re counting on supporters to reach out to their legislators. For more information about our campaign and dental therapists, check out this great resources page.

Visit our dental care action page to find out how you can help us increase access to dental care in Vermont!

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