Help climate with your call!

You might have heard about VPIRG’s effort to weatherize one in four Vermont homes, save Vermonters hundreds of millions of dollars and prevent millions of tons of global warming pollution from being pumped into our atmosphere, all the while creating jobs and growing Vermont’s economy.

That plan is on the ropes, but your help could revive it.

The House of Representatives passed legislation (H.520) that doesn’t nearly get the job done. While the bill takes a number of small steps to help Vermonters use less energy to heat their homes and businesses, this bill doesn’t provide an additional dime in funding for heating efficiency programs. 

But while the House may have ducked its responsibility, the State Senate can still choose to do what needs to be done. They’ll only make that decision if they understand that their constituents want them to, and that means they need to hear from you.

Please take a moment to leave a message at the State House for your Senator(s) today!  Here’s how:

  • Call the Sergeant at Arms at 802-828-2228 and ask to leave a message for your Senators
  • You’ll be asked for your name, number, and town
  • Give the message: “Please support significantly expanding funding for heating efficiency in Vermont!”
  • Please reply to to let us know you made the call

The tough truth is that raising revenue is always hard for politicians, no matter how fantastic or necessary a program is or how much money it will save their constituents over time (or how great a Senator they are). In order for your Senators(s) to go to bat for funding these programs in their committee or on the Senate floor, they need to hear from you.

Making that call will take just a minute, but that minute could be critical to us having a shot at real funding for heating efficiency and renewable heat in the State House.

If you’re looking for more info on the proposals or want to refresh your memory before you talk to your Senator, you can find more information at

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