Health Care Listening Session in Brattleboro Tonight

It’s full steam ahead on health care reform and we’re gearing up for the 2012 legislative session. State leaders have key decisions to make and we need your help to make sure Vermont stays on the right path to a health care system that’s fair, patient-centered, and affordable for all.

Join fellow Vermontersto tackle the topic of financing health care reform at a listening session in Brattleboro at:

Tuesday, November 29th, 7-9 pm
Marlboro College Tech Center
28 Vernon Street
Brattleboro, Vermont

The two biggest decisions we have to make about Green Mountain Care are:

  1. What health care services we will cover, and
  2. How should we pay for it?

Although these decisions won’t be made until 2013, the public discussion needs to start now.

The Governor’s health reform team is kicking off this public input process with four listening sessions across the state to help inform Green Mountain Care’s financing design.  These sessions will include some basic info on the challenges we face, goals and principles for decision-making, and an overview of potential funding sources.  You can use these informational presentations and your own experiences as a jumping off point for input on where we’re headed.

Click here for more info and to RSVP for the first listening session in Brattleboro.

Change isn’t always easy, but solving our health care crisis will mean healthier families, stronger communities, and a promising future for Vermont.

To see the full schedule of listening sessions, as well as other upcoming forums and health care events, visit  the “Calendar of Events” on the lower right-hand section our health care homepage.

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