H.722 Passes out of Committee

On April 20th the House Agriculture Committee voted 9-1 in favor of labeling of genetically engineered foods sold in Vermont. The vote came after the Committee had heard nearly a month’s worth of testimony, including the April 12th public hearing when hundreds of the bill’s supporters packed the House chamber. The more than one hundred citizens who testified unanimously called for passage of the bill. Since then, the committee has been working to make the bill stronger and more legally defensible.

“This vote puts the people of Vermont one step closer to getting the information they deserve about the food they are eating and feeding their families” said VPIRG Consumer Protection Advocate Falko Schilling. “The Committee heard a lot of compelling testimony about why these foods need to be labeled, and I think the bill that they voted out reflects that.”

With the legislative session drawing to a close the fate of the bill is uncertain, but it will most likely move to the House Judiciary Committee before it could come up for a vote on the house floor.

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