GMO Labeling Passes Out of the House of Representatives

Today the House of Representatives passed H.112 , this year’s GMO labeling law, by a vote of 99-42! This is the furthest any such legislation has made it through the legislative process in the US. It was clear that hearing from Vermonters like you that gave them the courage to lead the nation on this important issue.

Click here to see how your Representative voted!

The legislature is expected to leave for the summer in the next couple days, and the bill is now set to be taken up by the Senate in January, and hopefully become law this time next year. We will work over the summer to make sure the Senate hears from Vermonters that they want to see Vermont become the first state to pass GMO labeling legislation.

This is a huge victory for Vermont consumers who have been working hard to make sure their Reps. pass H.112 this session. Based on the debate on the House floor it was evident that your lawmakers heard you loud and clear. This brings us one big step closer to labeling GMO foods in Vermont, and it could not have happened without our thousands of supporters in Vermont and across the country.

Supporters of the bill, including VPIRG Consumer Protection Advocate and leading legislators (pictured here), for everything you have done, and stay tuned for the next steps in the campaign!

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