GMO Labeling Bill Passes First House Vote

Today the Vermont House of Representatives voted 107-37 to bring H.112, this year’s labeling law to a final vote tomorrow. If the bill passes it will be sent to the Senate where they will begin work on the bill in January, and it would be the first piece of comprehensive GMO labeling legislation passed by a state house of representatives.

Some of the strongest voices of support for the bill came from members of the House Agriculture and Judiciary Committees. Reps. Zagar, Teleno, Michelsen, and Bartholomew explained important aspects of the bill and the many studies that compelled the Agriculture Committee to pass the bill earlier this session.

Judiciary Chair Rep. Bill Lippert spoke about Vermont’s established history of leading the nation on important issues saying,  “When we passed civil unions, we were told that Vermont would be boycotted and that our tourism industry would die. When we passed mercury-labeling requirements, we were told that fluorescent light bulbs would no longer light the rooms of Vermont . . . Now, we are told if we pass GE labeling we will face losing our boxes of corn flakes. … Vermont should move forward, and lead the nation once again. I vote yes, once again, without fear.”

A rigorous debate is expected on the House floor for the final vote tomorrow, keep checking in with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on the campaign.

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