GMO Labeling Headed for a Recount in Oregon

Final tallies for Oregon’s Measure 92 to label genetically engineered foods have “Yes on 92” behind by a mere 809 votes, triggering an automatic recount. Many news sources declared measure 92 dead earlier this month, but the hard work and dedication of activists and organizers across the state to ensure that thousands of ballots are properly counted has closed the gap to 809 votes. The final difference between the two sides is less than 0.1% of the more than 1,500,000 votes cast. Under Oregon election law, races or ballot measures within a 0.2% margin trigger an automatic recount paid for by the state.

Oregon’s GMO labeling measure faced unprecedented spending by major biotech and industrial scale food producers in opposition to labeling. Companies like Monsanto, Pepsi, Coke and other members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association spent millions on advertising to convince the voters of Oregon to reject Measure 92. If Measure 92 eventually prevails, it will make Oregon the first state to pass a GMO labeling law through the ballot initiative process.

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