GMO Labeling Front and Center at Free Cone Day!

This Tuesday the VPIRG and Rural VT intern team and Slow Food UVM took part of one of the best days of the year- Ben and Jerry’s free cone day!

The Rural Vermont outreach team set up at the downtown Burlington Scoop Shop, while VPIRG and Slow Food talked to ice cream-hungry students at the UVM Campus location. Support for GMO labeling was universal, with hundreds of students signing on as supporters of the campaign. Students know that its essential to speak out on their right to know, and that there is no time like now to take action!

We’d like to thank Ben and Jerry’s as well as the amazing staff at both Scoop Shops- we’re grateful to have the support of a Vermont original brand. And with H.122 poised to head to the Senate floor, its a great time to live and study in Vermont!

Make sure you contact your Senator today and urge them to vote yes on H.112 on the Senate Floor! If enough citizens speak out, next Free Cone Day we can all celebrate the passage of H.112!

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