2014 Legislative Priorities

As the 2013-2014 Vermont legislative session resumes, our team of advocates and organizers are prepared to take on some of the toughest special interests to come to town in a while.

Whether it’s Monsanto and Coca-Cola trying to keep you in the dark about whether your food has been genetically engineered or the chemical industry working to fight a commonsense bill to rid our everyday products of known and unnecessary toxic chemicals, we are ready.

Select the headings below for a longer description of VPIRG’s 2014 priorities in each of our main program areas.  The top priority bill in each area is listed with a brief description.

Environmental Health Program – Click to view legislative priorities!

program-thumb-healthy-environmentTop Environmental Health Bill: S. 239 – Toxic-Free Families Act

     S.239 would protect Vermonters from the dangers of unregulated toxic chemicals found on store shelves.


Consumer Protection Program – Click to view legislative priorities!

program-thumb-consumer-protectionTop Consumer Protection Bill: H. 112 – Labeling GMOs

      H.112 would require labels on genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) for most of the food sold in Vermont.


Clean Energy Program – Click to view legislative priorities!

program-thumb-clean-energyTop Clean Energy Bill: H. 702 – Renewables for the People

     H.702, the net-metering bill, would protect Vermonters’ right to go renewable by updating the popular “net metering” program.


Health Care Program – Click to view legislative priorities!

program-thumb-health-careTop Health Care Bill: S.35 – Dental Care for All

     S. 35 would make it easier for more Vermonters to receive the dental care they need.



Democracy Program – Click to view legislative update!

program-thumb-democracy Top Democracy Priority – Overcoming Money in Politics

With the corrupting influence of Super PACs only getting worse, VPIRG is pushing legislators to increase disclosure that would require the biggest Super PAC donors to actually appear in their own advertisements.  In addition, we will work to reinstate commonsense limits on contributions to candidates and parties.



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