Making Vermont a safer and healthier place to live by reducing waste and eliminating toxins from consumer products, drinking water, and our environment.

Thousands of toxic or untested chemicals are used in products we’re exposed to every day in our homes, schools, and workplaces. From PFAS in our drinking water to pesticides in our natural environment to harmful chemicals found in single-use plastics and other consumer products, there are simply too many hidden dangers. These toxins are building up in our bodies and contributing to alarming trends in public health, including increased rates of birth defects, developmental disabilities, reproductive disorders, cancers, and more.

VPIRG supports federal and state legislation that will get known toxins out of consumer products and require health and safety testing before chemicals make it into products on our store shelves. We are also committed to promoting a circular economy that reduces waste, creates jobs, and holds manufacturers accountable for environmental impacts from the full life cycle of products they create.

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Recent Environmental Health News


Most of us have heard of the great pacific garbage patch- that amorphous pile of floating waste in the Pacific Ocean that stands as a monument to humanity’s throw away culture. But did you know that there are actually eight garbage patches in total, and five rotating garbage churns know as gyres? That’s where the 5 Gyres Oceanographic ...

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This Election Day, vote out toxic chemicals!

Check out this OP-ED piece authored by UVM Student Megan Noonan that ran election day in the Burlington Free Press: Typically, I do not look towards elected officials in my health care decision. I take personal responsibility: I don’t smoke, I eat a balanced diet, I exercise, and I wear sunscreen. I trust that decisions made ...

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Director’s Note on the 2014 Session

VICTORIES on GMOs, Toxics, Solar, and more! If you support VPIRG because we’re the kind of organization that takes on the tough fights on important issues and gets results, then I have good news for you. Our advocates, organizers, interns and member volunteers just completed one of the most successful legislative sessions in VPIRG’s 42 year history. ...

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2014 VPIRG Legislative Accomplishments

VPIRG took on some of the nation’s most powerful corporate interests in the 2014 legislative session, and we won! From landmark legislation requiring GMO foods to be labeled to expanding opportunities for Vermont families to go solar, this was an incredible year. We also helped to pass a new law that will help protect kids ...

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Ask the Governor to sign the Toxic-Free Families Act!

Call Governor Shumlin today and urge him to support S.239, the Toxic-Free Families Act! Call 802-828-3333 and leave this simple message for the Governor: Dear Governor,   Vermont has a unique opportunity to help keep kids safe from toxic chemicals in children’s products. The House and Senate have each passed a version of the Toxic-Free Families Act (S.239), which ...

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Just hours left to protect kids from toxics!

With less than 48 hours left to pass a bill that will protect kids from dangerous toxins in children’s products, we need your help RIGHT NOW to pass this bill! The legislative session ends on Saturday, and right now it looks like the Toxic-Free Families Act could run out of time. We need just one more ...

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