Making Vermont a safer and healthier place to live by reducing waste and eliminating toxins from consumer products, drinking water, and our environment.

Thousands of toxic or untested chemicals are used in products we’re exposed to every day in our homes, schools, and workplaces. From PFAS in our drinking water to pesticides in our natural environment to harmful chemicals found in single-use plastics and other consumer products, there are simply too many hidden dangers. These toxins are building up in our bodies and contributing to alarming trends in public health, including increased rates of birth defects, developmental disabilities, reproductive disorders, cancers, and more.

VPIRG supports federal and state legislation that will get known toxins out of consumer products and require health and safety testing before chemicals make it into products on our store shelves. We are also committed to promoting a circular economy that reduces waste, creates jobs, and holds manufacturers accountable for environmental impacts from the full life cycle of products they create.

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Recent Environmental Health News

Legislative Accomplishments 2013

The legislative session is over, and the results are in.  Here at VPIRG, we’re celebrating the victories that our members helped to bring about. Thank you! Of course, we didn’t win every fight.  The Legislature failed to commit the necessary resources to weatherize our homes and businesses, for example.  But we’re taking the time to celebrate the ...

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Ban on Toxic Flame Retardants Moves Another Step Closer to Final Passage

For Immediate Release:   May 3, 2013 Montpelier, VT – After a long week of late night debates and close votes, the House Human Services Committee came together across party lines to approve a bill that bans toxic and ineffective flame retardant chemicals from children’s products and home furniture (S.81, vote: 10-0-1). The bill will be considered ...

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News Release: Vermont leads nation in collecting discarded mercury thermostats

Vermont leads nation in collecting discarded mercury thermostats Manufacturer-led recycling programs found to be ineffective in most other states Montpelier, VT – While a manufacturer-run program for collecting mercury thermostats is failing to keep the toxic heavy metal out of the trash—and the environment—in most states, Vermont leads the nation in per capita collection rates, according to ...

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Nation’s strongest bill to on toxic flame retardants passes Senate…unanimously!

NEWS RELEASE: Vermont Senate votes unanimously to ban toxic flame retardant chemicals March 29, 2013 Montpelier, VT – The Vermont Senate voted unanimously in support of legislation to ban toxic and ineffective flame retardant chemicals (S.81, vote 28-0-2). Chlorinated Tris, a chemical targeted in the bill, was banned from children’s pajamas in the 1970s because it causes cancer, ...

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Committee approves measure to protect children and firefighters from toxic chemicals

For Immediate Release: March 15, 2013 Montpelier, VT – The Senate Health & Welfare Committee voted (4-0) on Friday morning to pass S.81, a bill that protects families and firefighters from toxic and unnecessary flame retardant chemicals. “VPIRG applauds the Health & Welfare Committee for this decisive vote in favor of public health,” said Lauren Hierl, environmental ...

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2013 Town Meeting Day Resources

In communities across Vermont, citizens are bringing solutions to town. Whether its town meeting resolutions to keep Vermont free of tar sands oil or spreading critical information about upcoming changes to health care, check to see what’s on the docket in your community.

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