Bottle Bill

Kicking off the Bigger, Better Bottle Bill website

We are proud to launch our new website for our campaign to build on the Bottle Bill’s enormous success and not only protect the Bottle Bill, but to update it to include beverage containers such as water bottles, juice containers, and sports drinks. As we move through the legislative session, we will be adding all the new developments here to this blog as they occur. Keep an eye out for what is happening in the State House and the ways you can get involved.

The Agency of Natural Resources is looking for input on their proposed e-waste plan

Last spring, VPIRG successfully advocated for an e-waste law that requires manufacturers to pay for an electronics recycling program in Vermont, including free and convenient collection programs in every county across the state. The Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) has drafted their plan and took public comment — including many from our VPIRG members — in December.

Great documentary on the way we deal with E-Waste

The Electronics Take Back Coalition has partnered with Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff team on a new “Story of Electronics” film.  The film tells the story of how electronics are really “designed for the dump” and are not made to last or be recycled.   Follow the link to see all of the …

Great documentary on the way we deal with E-Waste Read More »

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