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Governor Shumlin urges President Obama to push for a stronger national car emission standard.

Today Governor Shumlin sent a letter to President Obama sending a strong message, urging him to voice support for a single, national emission standard for passenger vehicles and light trucks.

Vermont is one of 14 states around the country that have adopted emission standards and while we have the lowest emissions in New England, car exhaust still makes up 40% of our greenhouse gas emissions. This a great step forward in reducing our dependance on dirty and polluting energy sources.

News Release: VPIRG statement on AG’s decision not to charge Entergy

The Attorney General’s decision today may come as good news to Entergy officials who were in danger of being criminally charged, but it’s hardly good news to the tens of thousands of Vermonters who count on that facility to be run by a company that is both competent and reliable. The fact that Entergy is neither reliable nor trustworthy due to its employees’ ignorance is no more comforting than if the officials had intentionally lied under oath.

2011 Legislative Accomplishments

The 2011 legislative session was filled with victories on VPIRG-backed legislation across each of our program areas. With a new governor in office for the first time in eight years, our small state suddenly had opportunities to pass the kind of major policy initiatives that our friends in other parts of the country could only …

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Governor Shumlin signs Solar Incentive Bill into law.

May 25th, Governor Shumlin signed into law Vermont’s most progressive solar legislation in our state’s history. From Burlington to the heart of the Northeast Kingdom, Vermonters have shown they want solar to be a big part of our energy future. Vermont now has one of if not the best solar laws in the country and VPIRG Clean Energy Program Director, James Moore helped craft and pass it this year.

2011 Legislative Session at a glance

One of my favorite things about directing VPIRG is that by working with members like you and our partners across the state, we manage to get things done that my colleagues in other states can only dream about. Consider our list of accomplishments in the legislative session that just ended on Friday.

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