Thousands of Vermonters Saying Yes to Clean Heat

VPIRG is the only non-profit organization in the state to deploy a comprehensive, door-to-door citizen outreach effort (aka the “canvass”) every summer.  This year, an extraordinary team of 40 college students or recent grads are accomplishing amazing results launching our Clean Heat campaign.

The team is on track to break the all-time record for grassroots support, and there’s still a month left to go!  In addition to raising money and signing up members, our canvassers will have front-porch conversations with over 40,000 Vermonters (about 1 out of 6 households in the state) by the end of August.

And the response from these conversations is clear!  Vermonters want to save money, save energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels by weatherizing and switching to local, renewable heating fuels, like solar hot water and wood pellets.  We just need to make sure it’s as easy and affordable to take these steps as possible.

That’s why, we’re asking folks to get involved.  We’re compiling photo petitions (like the one pictured here) from residents across the state, calling upon our legislators to invest public dollars in clean heat.  We’re also asking folks to take a pledge – to do their part and weatherize, solarize or pelletize, when the state does it’s part.

Let us know what you think about the campaign and spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

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