In Solidarity with Standing Rock


Please join us on Monday, October 10, 2016 for a rally in solidarity with Standing Rock’s struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and then march to the Vermont Gubernatorial debate to push for a “Clean and Green New Deal” for Vermont. We understand the imperative to prevent the development of new fossil fuel infrastructure. It is ...

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Paving the way for universal recycling one nickel at a time


The Bottle Bill is the well-known state law that allows individuals to return certain beverage containers to a redemption center for a five cent rebate. For VPIRG, the issue runs deep- the organization has been fighting to defend and expand the Bottle Bill for over 40 years. It’s a simple yet novel idea, and Bottle Bills across the ...

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“Pay-to-play” corruption must be addressed in VT


VPIRG is urging all candidates for public office in Vermont to support a ban on so-called pay-to-play activity related to state contracts. Recent controversies over related practices have involved members of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Lt. Gov. Phil Scott recently announced that he would sell his portion of his construction business if he is elected ...

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2016 Gubernatorial Candidates & Health Care Reform


Right now, twenty cents of every dollar we earn as Vermonters goes to pay for health care costs. On top of that, a third of all Vermonters either can’t afford their health insurance, or they have no health insurance at all. Costs are far outpacing economic growth, meaning that for the average Vermonter health care is becoming ...

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Keeping TFM out of the Tap


The issue of using aquatic pesticides to control lamprey populations in and around Lake Champlain has received considerable attention in recent weeks. In particular, the determination made by the Vermont Department of Health (DOH) that permits issued for the use of the chemical 3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol (TFM) should not allow the chemical to be detectable in water that ...

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Golden Fleece: VPIRG Decries Waste of Taxpayer Money on Biased ‘Study’


The discovery of a $50,000 allocation buried deep in the state capital bill that was passed by legislators several months ago is stirring up significant controversy today. As first reported by Vermont Public Radio, the nondescript allocation was earmarked for Lyndon State College to purchase sound monitoring equipment. The equipment is to be used by a ...

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Over 1400 Vermonters Petition for Strong Net Metering Program


VPIRG delivered a petition signed by 1412 Vermonters to the Public Service Board on Monday in support of keeping Vermont’s net metering program strong. The petition asked the Board to address the concerns as raised by VPIRG, VNRC, Vermont Conservation Voters and Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility in their July 15th comments regarding the Board’s proposed ...

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Sham GMO labeling law eliminates Vermont’s Act 120


On Friday, July 29th President Obama signed the Stabenow-Roberts labeling bill, otherwise known as the “DARK Act,” which was passed in an effort to eliminate Vermont’s GMO labeling law. In response, the Vermont Attorney General announced on Wednesday, August 3rd that our law will no longer be enforced. Manufacturers have already begun labeling their products to ...

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