Renewable Energy Standard Heading to Governor’s Desk


Despite numerous attempts to weaken the bill and create roadblocks to renewable energy – H.40 (the Renewable Energy Standard or “RES” bill) passed the Vermont Senate late Friday, won approval by the House, and is now on its way to the governor’s desk. H.40 will get renewables built, help Vermonters cut their fossil fuel use, and ...

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Rent-to-own bill clears legislature


With a few days left in the 2015 legislative session the Vermont legislature passed significant legislation to protect consumers in rent-to-own transactions. The rent-to-own industry rents goods such as electronics, furniture and appliances to customers with little to no money down at greatly inflated prices. These services allow customers to pay top shelf prices on items, ...

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Vermont House Passes Election Day Registration


The Vermont House of Representatives voted 87-54 to pass S.29, a bill allowing Election Day registration in the state. Beginning in 2017, all eligible Vermonters will have the opportunity to register to vote on Election Day. Under current law, any Vermonter who wants to vote on Election Day must be registered by the previous Wednesday. Experts predict ...

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VPIRG Interns Tell Their Global Warming Stories


We asked VPIRG Interns to tell us how global warming has affected them and explain why they think we must act now to address this problem.These are testimonials from the generation who will be left to deal with the some of the still-unseen consequences of climate change if we fail to do something. Do you have ...

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Seeking Interns


VPIRG seeks 2-3 summer interns to work on an exciting campaign to advance Global Warming Solutions. About the campaign Every year Vermonters spend nearly $2 billion on fossil fuels, with nearly all of that money sent out of state to companies like ExxonMobil and BP.  On top of that, global warming is supercharging storms, like Irene, which ...

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Update on potential efficiency cuts


Last week, we reported that the Vermont Senate was considering a proposal by the Administration to raid funds for critical heating efficiency programs to help close the budget gap. VPIRG supporters launched into action, calling their senators and asking them to oppose this idea. We’re happy to report that it looks like this plan has been ...

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