300+ advocacy organizations join in national opposition to mega-mergers


VPIRG joined over 300 other farming, beekeeping, farm worker, religious, food safety, and conservation advocacy groups this week in calling for the U.S. Department of Justice to put consumer and farmer interests above corporate interests, by conducting a thorough investigation of the proposed mergers between the world’s largest agrochemical and seed companies – Bayer AG ...

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VPIRG Co-Hosts Climate Webinar with Bernie Sanders


On Wednesday, February 8th, VPIRG and a host of other Vermont environmental organizations co-hosted a webinar featuring Senator Bernie Sanders. The webinar, titled “Moving Forward on Climate without DC,” attracted nearly 1,000 viewers across the state and around the country. Senator Sanders reiterated the importance of climate action, and emphasized the role that states like Vermont must ...

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Study Finds Toxic Chemicals in Food Wrappers


A new study by the Environmental Working Group shows that chemicals closely related to PFOA, the toxic chemical that contaminated water in Bennington, are still used in some food wrappers. Since PFOA was banned from food contact substances, industry has shifted to coat food wrappers with similar chemicals with slightly different chemical structures, which are intended to pass ...

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We’re hiring!


Are you a passionate defender of the public interest? Do you love Vermont and want to work to make it an even better place to live? Join our team at VPIRG – Vermont’s largest non-profit consumer and environmental protection organization. ——————————————– Full Time Positions: Accounting & Human Resources Administrator: We’re looking for a values-driven individual that wants to put ...

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How Can We Better Protect Vermonters from Toxic Chemicals?


After PFOA was discovered in drinking water in Bennington County, VPIRG worked with members of the Legislature to pass Act 154, which helped address the contamination in the short-term and created a working group to evaluate how we regulate toxic chemicals and how we can better prevent similar situations from happening in the future. VPIRG’s Paul Burns ...

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Legislative Update: Ethics Commission

There’s been a lot of talk about government ethics lately, and not just in Washington, D.C.

Vermont is one of only three state without an ethics commission – and that’s a problem. By and large, our elected officials serve with honor and distinction. But with many Americans losing faith in government, Vermonters deserve to know that we can trust our elected officials to serve our state honestly and without the appearance ...

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Save Our Health Care


On Sunday, January 15th, we stood among over 1,000 Vermonters at the Burlington rally for health care, held in conjunction with over 70 other events across the country organized by Senator Bernie Sanders. Together, we stood for the tens of millions of Americans who have gained access to health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act, ...

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