Vermont Passes GMO Labeling!

After years of hard work and dedicated action Vermont’s GMO labeling Bill has passed both the House and Senate! Today members of the VT House of representatives voted 114 to 30  to concur with the Senate version of the bill and to pass H.112. This nation leading “no strings attached” GMO labeling policy now heads to Governor Shumlin’s Desk for his signature.

Call Governor Shumlin today and urge Him to Sign H.112 into Law!

We are one small step away from ratifying the strongest GMO labeling bill in the United States. From all of us at the Coalition we thank our allies across Vermont  and across the country who made this possible. It is your action, passion, and commitment to your right to know that got us here.

H.112 will require labels on GMO foods starting in 2016, and would go in to effect without actions in other states. We could not have asked for a better outcome, and it is all thanks to you!

We now need to make sure that the Governor signs the bill, so please give him a call today.

This campaign has been energizing and inspiring to all of us who have worked to label GMO foods. Right now, all eyes are on Vermont and the essential work we have accomplished. It is all because Vermonters like you stood up and made it clear they have a right to know what is in their food- thank you!

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