VPIRG Welcomed to Windham County

Last week, our canvass team was at it again — engaging Vermonters at their doorsteps and making change one conversation at a time. The team of over 70 canvassers, field managers, directors and administrators went truckin’ down to Windham County, where they spent the week working out of Fort Dummer State Park and knocking on doors in 30 different towns, including Brattleboro, Dummerston, Putney, Newfane, Rockingham, Halifax, and Vernon.

With the help of a lot of sunshine, a little bit of rain, and an abundance of positive energy amongst the staff, our canvassers knocked on 6,923 doors over four days. Needless to say, canvassers came back to camp each night tired from an afternoon of biking the hills of Vermont but full of enthusiasm for the power of grassroots organizing.

“This week is our one chance to get to Windham County and create a groundswell of support for addressing issues like climate change, toxic chemicals, big money in politics, and consumer protection,” said Nick Wahlers, Canvass Oversight Director. “This resulted in over 1,700 petitions – that’s 1,700 people who are ready to fight back and move forward and demand that our leaders not just stand up to the attacks from DC but also continue our progress right here in Vermont, protecting our air water, people, and democracy.”

The success of this year’s Windham trip comes down to the hard work and passion of our team here at VPIRG and the engagement of our 50,000+ members whose contributions allow us to reach all corners of Vermont each summer. And we’re not done yet! With just one month left of this year’s canvass, the team continues to forge ahead, finding supporters in every corner of our beautiful state and making change, as always, from the roots up!

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