Entergy’s Incompetence and Deceptions

The recent discovery of a radioactive leak at Vermont Yankee, and Yankee owner Entergy’s latest evasions about it, are the latest episode in a history of deception the Louisiana-based company has compiled over the years. Now, Vermonters can no longer trust Entergy to be honest about safety at the plant.
Ever since Entergy bought Vermont Yankee in 2002, they have been lying to Vermont lawmakers, Vermont regulators, and Vermont citizens. It is clear that dishonesty is embedded in Entergy’s corporate culture, and Vermonters can no longer trust anything they have to say.
We’re now witnessing standard corporate crisis management.  Caught again lying, Entergy is denying it did so intentionally, probably will fire a few scapegoats, promise to start telling the truth and then return  to business-as-usual hoping nobody is keeping track. Well, Vermont has noticed, and this kind of bad business should no longer be usual.Click here for a timeline of Entergy’s statements and actions since 2003 that shows an unacceptable pattern of deceit>>>>>  

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