VPIRG’s legal brief to the Public Service Board

Time and time again, VPIRG has exposed how Entergy regularly fails to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  In the wake of Entergy’s decision to go public with its decision to close Vermont Yankee, the take-away point of a recent memo from VPIRG’s legal team rings especially true.

Entergy’s adamant that it decided to close Vermont Yankee just hours before going public with the plan.  It offered one reason for its decision.  The camel’s back was broken by a single straw, Entergy wants us to believe.

As we state in our brief:

“The evidence shows that Entergy has an unparalleled history of disregard of the duty to provide honest and complete disclosures to the Board and to litigants in regulatory proceedings… “

How can we assume Entergy is telling the truth about why it decided to close VY, after years of telling lies?

You can’t always trust a liar to tell the truth, but you can always trust a liar to lie.

Read the full text of the brief here.





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