Is this recyclable? Tennis ball edition

As folks across the country become more aware of the necessity of recycling and reducing waste, we begin to address some more unusual sources of waste- in this case, tennis balls.

Ever think about where all those yellow balls end up when they lose their bounce? Many tennis players will open a fresh can every time they hit the courts, and it’s been estimated that 100 million balls are dumped in U.S. landfills annually. That’s why businesses like Retour Tennis are working to recycle the balls, and make it as easy as possible for players to do so.

Their idea is simple: courts provide a recycling container for players to discard their used tennis balls, and once a couple hundred are collected they can be sent to Project Green Ball or reBounces, two organizations that will recycle the balls. Most recycled tennis balls are ground up and used in equestrian arenas and playing surfaces, and new uses are currently being developed.

It’s exciting to see new recycling opportunities arise- we just need to ensure they’re available for all! If you’re interested in learning more about how to recycle tennis balls at your courts, contact Retour Tennis or stop by Hartford Parks & Recreation to see how their “ad-in bin” is working!

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