Who’s Calling?

You may have received a call from us this fall asking you to take action – for example, contacting Vermont legislative candidates leading up to the election, or submitting a letter to the editor in your local paper, or attending a climate action rally. If you haven’t been called yet, you may be in the next couple of months, especially as important bills – on everything from toxics to clean energy – are coming up in the State House this spring.

This is all thanks to our recently launched in-house phone bank team of 15 young change makers who joined VPIRG’s staff this fall. Many of these part time organizers worked for VPIRG on the summer canvass, and many are full time college students earning a few bucks for tuition and books while having a positive impact on Vermont’s future.

While our crew is fairly new to VPIRG and organizing, they are already having a huge impact. In just the past few months, they have contacted more than 2000 of you, resulting in over 2,100 actions on our Energy Independent Vermont campaign.

In the next week, our team will be shifting gears to reach out to many of you to renew your VPIRG membership. We want you to be able put a face to the voices that you are hearing on the phones. That’s why we’ve created a new page on our website profiling our wonderful phone bank team.

We know that not everyone is thrilled to get a phone call from a ‘stranger’. That’s why we’ve created this resource – so that you can get to know these dedicated organizers. So check it out, and if you have any questions, give them a call! I’m sure they won’t mind.

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