We Have a Bill!

Yesterday, a group of 50 Representatives, including Republicans, Democrats, and Progressives introduced Vermont H.112, this year’s GMO-labeling legislation in the VT House. The bill was referred to the VT House Committee on Agriculture, the same committee as last year’s bill. Thanks to the experience of last year, as well as the broad popular and tripartisan support benefiting this year’s bill, things are looking good at this early stage.

Just the Beginning

Of course, the ride is far from over. As evidence of the negative impact of GE foods continues to grow, private interests are pouring money into their campaigns, hoping to stop this year’s bill in its tracks. We consumers have a right to know what’s in the food we eat and feed our families, especially when that information may help Vermonters avoid health risks and mitigate negative environmental impacts.

In the face of all that money, it will take the support of Vermonters across the state to make sure our legislators keep their commitment to our right to know what’s in our food. Sign on to this year’s campaign by signing our updated petition, even if you did so last year, and show your representatives that this issue is not going away. Then, share it with your friends to get the word out!

We expect a similar bill to be introduced in the Senate in the coming days, so showing your support is a vital step. For more ideas, check out our new GMO action center!

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