VT’s “Green Cleaning” Law Highlighted in National Report

Vermont’s “green cleaning” legislation—which VPIRG helped to pass last year—earned national attention in a new report released today, entitled: “Towards Healthy Schools 2015: Progress on America’s Environmental Health Crisis for Children.”  This report shows Vermont is now on the forefront of keeping our kids’ learning environments safe from toxic chemicals. You can find the full report here.

In fact, as reported in this new study, our kids and teachers are already benefiting from this legislation:

“After making the switch, some schools in Vermont have reported fewer instances of asthma, nausea, and headaches, and some have even reported saving money on cleaning supplies.”

The fact that environmentally-preferable cleaning products work just as well and cost about the same as the more toxic alternatives previously used in schools there’s more we can – and must – do to protect our kids from toxic chemicals. Find out more about our work to ban a dangerous, ineffective flame retardant and our plan for a better system for addressing toxic chemicals in consumer products here.

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