Polling Shows Vermonters Overwhelmingly Support Affordable Heat

At the close of the 2023 legislative session, the Vermont Legislature overrode Governor Scott’s veto of the Affordable Heat Act (S.5), capping a 2 year effort with a victory for Vermonters and the climate. S.5 requires the Public Utility Commission to design a program to require fossil fuel importers to offer Vermonters incentives and up-front assistance to make the switch to cleaner & cheaper heating alternatives, in line with the emissions reduction requirements set out by the Global Warming Solutions Act.

During the debate around S.5, the fossil fuel industry spent tens of thousands of dollars to spread misinformation about the bill, and made claims that the Vermont public did not support such legislation. But polling conducted by Data for Progress at the height of the misinformation campaign in April 2023 tells a different story – a majority of Vermont voters support the Solutions Act and Affordable Heat Act!

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