VPIRG’s Paul Burns to Debate VT Fuel Dealers Lobbyist on VPR Today!

VPIRG’s Paul Burns will debate Matt Cota, Lobbyist for the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association, today at noon on VPR’s Vermont Edition.

Time to get the facts straight!

Vermonters deserve to hear an honest and open debate about climate change and the opportunities we have to do something about it including putting a tax on carbon pollution. They deserve to learn that, among other things, this plan:

-Is paired with new tax cuts for individuals, employers, and a reduction in the statewide sales tax.

-Includes special consideration to make sure that low-income Vermonters are protected.

-Will help make it possible for more Vermonters to make money-saving efficiency and clean energy choices.

Many of these critical points have been missing from the public discussion about this plan, and we look forward to getting them out there to be heard.

Please spread the word about the debate – tune in today at noon (with a repeat broadcast at 7:00 pm)!

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