VPIRG Gets Entergy VP To Tell the Truth, For Once

Last week, an Entergy VP tried to convince the Public Service Board that Vermont Yankee’s troubling history of leaks and lies shouldn’t matter as the PSB deliberates whether to issue a Certificate of Public Good or “CPG,” which Entergy Louisiana needs to keep VY sputtering along).

VPIRG and hundreds of our members have already weighed in, arguing that rewarding Vermont Yankee’s history of “serious issues” with a CPG is NOT in the public interest.

As reported in the Times Argus, it was our lawyer, James Dumont, who finally got Entergy to tell the truth about VY’s history of leaks and lies:

“I do acknowledge we had issues, serious issues in 2010,” Twomey said under cross-examination by James Dumont, an attorney representing the Vermont Public Interest Research Group.

Thanks to the thousands of VPIRG members, we had the resources for the legal tools—like hiring the lawyer whose cross examination got Entergy on the record about their “serious issues” for the first time.

Please consider supporting our work, and making it possible for VPIRG to continue turning up the heat on Entergy. We know Vermont’s relying on VPIRG to hold Entergy accountable for the problems their dinosaur nuclear plant is posing for our state’s health and environment!


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