VPIRG and Allies Advocate for Strong Toxic Free Families Act Rules

Today VPIRG’s Environmental Health team traveled to the Department of Health in Burlington to speak at a public hearing on rules around implementation of the Toxic Free Families Act.

And we weren’t alone- over 250 Vermonters and VPIRG members were with us in the form of a signed petition voicing their support for strong rules that we read at the hearing.

One of the key provisions of the law we want to defend is a section that calls for specific information that manufacturers must disclose on the Department’s website regarding toxics in kid’s products. We fought for this law so that one day, parents can shop in Vermont stores and have the presence of mind that the products they are purchasing for their kids aren’t hiding toxic chemicals.

But until then, we will depend on a website at the Department of Health that will tell you what children’s products contain dangerous toxins- we are glad so many folks spoke up  at the hearing in support of an effective website as well as some other key rules.

Also instrumental to the strong show of support were our allies from the business and environmental community who spoke up for the strongest rules possible- including representatives from Vermont Conservation Voters, Seventh Generation, Planned Parenthood, Toxics Action Center, as well a Shelburn Activist Sylvia Knight, and Montpelier Physician Dr. Sally Cargill. We extend a deep thank you to the advocates and citizens who were able to be there to advocate for healthy children and a healthy environment.

If you would like to comment on the proposed Toxics Free Families Act Rules, click here for more information and to submit a written comment. The deadline for input is Friday March 27.

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