VPIRG 2017 Canvass Kicks Off

Today we kicked off the 2017 VPIRG summer canvass! This is the biggest grassroots operation in Vermont — and we do it every year from the beginning of May to the end of August. The purpose of the canvass is to engage as many citizens in the fight for Vermont values as possible. With every new contact one of our canvassers makes, that is one more voice joining the fight! Every dollar we raise means more doors that we can knock on, and more Vermonters we can engage on critical issues. Every door we knock on means one more person being heard.

This year we’ve added a questionnaire to the canvass- we are going out there and asking every person we talk to which issues matter to them. Our advocates serve as the people’s’ eyes and ears in the statehouse, so when an issue hits the floor, they are the first to know. When you tell us which issues you want to stay informed about, our field team is able to let you know when and how you can act to have your voice heard. This is how we create a vibrant democracy in Vermont. This is how we fight back against the threats we face from our federal government.

Our canvass team is so excited to be hitting the streets today, we hope you are excited too! We thank you in advance for the support and for the water bottle refills! We look forward to seeing you at the door and helping you stay involved in this grassroots movement for change.

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