Vermont’s Bottle Bill is Safe and Sound

Its official- this Tuesday Bennington Senator Bob Hartwell asked legislative council to remove provisions from Senate Bill S. 208 that otherwise would have weakened Vermont’s Bottle Bill.

The proposed language would have eliminated the 15 cent deposit on liquor bottles, as well as the deposit on any container greater than 1 liter in volume.

The changes were met with concerns from VPIRG, Environmental organizations, community groups and redemption centers. Testimony from VPIRG and our allies implored legislators not to gut our State’s most successful recycling program. The show of support echoed the 90% of Vermonters who support this essential legislation. Lawmakers listened and the controversial provision is no more.

As we move forward with Act 148 implementation, we should continue to spearhead the quality recycling, landfill and green jobs the Bottle Bill brings to our state. An updated Bottle Bill that includes even more types of containers only makes sense as Vermont attempts to meet our ambitious Waste Management goals by 2020.

Sign our petition! Tell us your story! What does the Bottle Bill do for you? Email for more ways to get involved in the campaign to protect and expand Vermont’s Bottle Bill!

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