Vermonters Fill State House in Support of GMO Labeling

The Vermont State House was filled to capacity Thursday night for the public hearing on H.722, the bill that would label genetically engineered foods in Vermont. People came from all corners of New England, and unanimously called the members of the House Agriculture Committee to pass H.722. In all, legislators heard testimony from one hundred and twenty-two citizens who asked them to vote the bill out of committee, and for the bill to become law. “One hundred percent wanted us to pass the bill,” said Committee member Will Stevens.

 Those who wished to testify were each given a minute to voice their opinions to legislators. With rapid-fire testimony for approximately two hours, the crowd maintained a quiet decorum. Despite a few uncontrolled outbursts of applause, the crowd fulfilled the committee’s wishes to remain silent, and would raise their hands in unison to voice support for those testifying.

One of the many people calling for the passage of the bill was VPIRG Consumer Protection Advocate Falko Schilling, who delivered the names of the 4,001 Vermonters who had signed the VT Right to Know GMOs petition in support of H.722 since mid-February. “We have seen an overwhelming response to this bill and it is gaining more support every day,” said Schilling, “It was clear from being in the chamber tonight that Vermonters want to see their legislators stand up for their right to know what they are eating.”

H.722 is still in the house Agriculture Committee with more testimony slated for this week. Follow the campaign on Facebook by liking VT Right to Know GMOs.

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