Vermont House Passes Election Day Registration

The Vermont House of Representatives voted 87-54 to pass S.29, a bill allowing Election Day registration in the state.

Beginning in 2017, all eligible Vermonters will have the opportunity to register to vote on Election Day. Under current law, any Vermonter who wants to vote on Election Day must be registered by the previous Wednesday.

Experts predict Election Day registration can increase voter participation by three to six percentage points.

By passing this bill, Vermont joins 12 other states that already have or are implementing Election Day registration – including fellow New England states Maine and New Hampshire.

The Senate already passed S.29 by a 20 to 7 vote last month. The bill now heads back to that chamber which is expected to concur with the House version. It will then move to the Governor’s desk for a signature.

VPIRG Energy and Democracy Advocate Julia Michel called today’s vote a major victory for Vermonters who want to take part in the electoral process saying, “This is a big step forward for making it easier to participate in our democracy.”

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