Bill to Protect Kids From Toxics Nears Finish Line

VPIRG joined our allies Wednesday at a news conference outside to show legislators that Vermonters want them to pass toxic chemical reform legislation before they go home for the year.

All session long we’ve been tracking S.103 – a toxic chemical reform bill that makes important strides to protect kids from harmful chemicals and ensure that Vermonters’ drinking water is safe.

The Vermont House passed a strengthened version of the bill last week – meaning the Senate needs only to concur to get this important bill to the governor’s desk. However, when the House version passed, it was unclear whether the Senate would have time to do so before the legislature adjourned.

Late Friday we learned that the legislature would be returning for work this week, giving the Senate enough time to review the simple, straightforward (but important) changes the House made to the bill and give their final approval to this necessary reform package.

Passing this bill and protecting our kids from toxic chemicals is now just a matter of political will. VPIRG is rallying our members to help with one last push to get S.103 passed this year.

We’re asking our supporters to call the State House between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM and leave a message for your senators asking them to pass the House version of S.103 this year: Call 1-800-322-5616.

If passed, the strengthened version of S.103 would :

Protects kids from harmful chemicals in toys and other children’s products

Requires all new drinking water wells to be tested for toxic chemicals

Establishes an intergovernmental committee to improve coordination among the numerous state agencies that regulate toxic and hazardous substances

If the Senate doesn’t pass the bill before this session, VPIRG will work to make sure it’s a top priority in 2018. But there’s no reason these important reforms should wait. The Senate has the time and opportunity to take important steps to protect kids from toxic chemicals right now.

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