The truth about the “bag ban”

This week you’ve likely started to hear rumblings about the proposed “bag ban” in Vermont.  When you hear about this on VPR, or read about it in another media source please remember one thing. This is not a bag ban.  

You see, there are two bills being discussed in the Vermont House right now.  Both bills are working to phase out all single-use bags – both plastic and paper. One of them (H.105) says that it’s a ban, but retailers and grocers can still sell you a compostable bag for 10 cents.  All 10 cents stays with the retailer or grocer to do as they see fit.  

The other bill (H.88) says that 8 of those 10 cents should go back to the state of Vermont to fund recycling and zero waste programs.

  • Neither outright bans single-use bags – both H.88 and H.105 allow the retailer or grocer to sell you a compostable bag for 10 cents a bag.
  • Both allow for retailers to make a small profit from the bags – bags that they currently give away for free.
  • Both ensure that pesky bags that damage recycling machinery are kept out of the waste stream – and H.88 helps to keep those recycling programs going.
  • H.88 even earns money for the state in a lean budget year!

Don’t be confused by the hype. It’s past time to reduce waste from single-use bags in Vermont.  

Check out my testimony to the House Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife Committee below to learn more:

Testimony On H.105 JodeGraff FINAL

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