The Bottle Bill Is Under Attack

Although it’s hard to believe, but the Senate Natural Resources committee is working on a bill that would repeal portions of the Bottle Bill.

The sponsor of this legislation and Chair of this Committee, Senator Hartwell, has made his vision clear, stating: “At some point, the bottle bill will be eliminated.”1

Senator Harwell’s bill (S. 208) takes the first scalpel to our most effective recycling program by cutting the deposit on liquor bottles and containers over one liter in size. This backwards proposal would mean:

  • More beverage containers going to the landfill
  • Increased litter on our roadsides
  • Fewer green jobs
  • Less money for local charities

We need the Senate to reject this proposal, and stay focused on the important work of truly ramping up recycling and composting.

Please send your Senator a note to oppose any rollbacks to the Bottle Bill!

Now is the time to stand up for quality recycling and good jobs in Vermont. Our efforts will ensure both continue to grow here in Vermont.


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