The Ad VPIRG members ran, calling out climate deniers

With our members’ help, we’re not about to let climate denial be a reason to avoid our responsibility to develop clean energy solutions right here in Vermont.

In an editorial on Nov. 2, The Caledonian Record argued against building renewable wind projects in Vermont because “the science behind Shumlin’s ‘global warming’ fanaticism is, at best, unresolved.”¹ Well, denying climate change won’t make it go away. And this kind of bogus argument from a member of the media in Vermont represents a dangerous assault on science and reason.

So here’s the full-page ad that ran in their newspaper, (politely) letting The Caledonian Record and its readers know that climate change is real, and that it is already contributing to unimaginable destruction in places far away and close to home.

Thank you, VPIRG members!


¹ Caledonian Record, Editorial: “A Wind Shift?” Published 11/2/2013.

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