Sen. Bernie Sanders Applauds VPIRG Canvassers

If you tuned into Vermont Edition last Friday, you would have heard Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders name-drop the VPIRG Canvass! In an interview with Bob Kinzel, Sanders reacted to the current state of politics in Washington D.C., and lamented the corrupt nature of big money in politics and in our political campaign. Rather than funneling corporate donations to fund 30-second TV ads, Sanders advocated for grassroots campaign efforts which engage with constituents on the issues.

“What we want to do–and VPIRG, in the state of Vermont, does a fantastic job of this—they get a lot of young people—motivated, young people—concerned about whether it’s campaign finance reform (which is one of their issues) or whether it’s climate change—and they get people out knocking on doors!”

As a presidential candidate for the Democratic nomination, Sanders exceeded expectations by running an enormous grassroots campaign. The energy of his campaign last summer is what inspires many young canvassers to join the fight here in Vermont.

“What is…fundamentally much more important in the long term – is developing a strong, grassroots movement where people are out knocking on doors, they’re talking to their neighbors about the important issues facing our country and I think that is something that I, and other people, probably this summer, will be working on: bring young people, working people into the political process.”

While the current administration in Washington proves to put corporate interests over the health and safety of its citizens, the state of Vermont continues to be a place in which old school democracy thrives!

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