Pulling back the curtain on insurance claim denials

One law is helping Vermont take huge strides toward a more transparent health care system, where insurance companies are held accountable for denying legitimate claims, and for spending your premium dollars on advertising and lobbying, not on health care.

Thanks to a bill thought up, researched, drafted, advocated for, and supported by VPIRG and its members,  data on the number and type of claims insurers deny–as well as spending on non-health care items, like lobbyists and marketing—is now available online for all Vermonters.  Thousands of individuals and small businesses will have access to meaningful information that will help them make informed choices when it comes to their insurance company.

We are breaking down the data right now to make it easy for you to compare how often Vermont’s insurers deny legitimate claims, what they pay their executives, and how much of your money is going to non-medical services like advertising and lobbying. We are still waiting for all of Vermont’s insurers to file their information, and we will have the numbers for you as soon as they are available.

Find out what VPIRG’s Consumer Protection Advocate, Falko Schilling, had to say about the numbers.

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