PFAS Ban Bill Passes Senate in Unanimous Vote

In a huge win for the health of Vermont’s people and environment, the Vermont Senate unanimously passed S.295 today, a bill banning PFAS in certain products including firefighting foam, carpets/rugs, and food packaging.

The term ‘PFAS’ refers to a very large (and ever growing, with more research being done all the time) class of chemicals that last for a notoriously long time, gaining them the nickname of ‘Forever Chemicals.’ These toxins have been proven to cause countless negative health effects in humans including various forms of cancer, thyroid disease, and high blood pressure.

VPIRG has been working for many years to create stricter policies around PFAS chemicals and thereby reduce Vermonters’ exposure to these toxins. This nationwide issue hit close to home in 2016 when water resources in Bennington tested positive for a variety of PFAS chemicals. Passing S.295 in the Senate is a huge step forward in fighting against the use of these chemicals in products used and sold in Vermont, but it’s only the beginning – the bill will now go on to the House for consideration, where VPIRG and our allies in environmental health will continue to advocate for its passage.

Read more about this win and next steps in the press release below:

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