News Release: VPIRG Statement on Supreme Court Decision

For Immediate Release: June 28, 2012

Statement of VPIRG Executive Director Paul Burns on U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Health Reform Law

The decision is in, and it looks like good news for health care reform here in Vermont and across the country.  The Supreme Court has upheld many of the key provisions of the federal health reform law.

Today’s decision means that the coast is now clear for Vermont to lead the way with even more ambitious reforms to deliver lower costs and better quality care for all.

At the federal level, the health reform law still has the potential to save billions of dollars and level the balance of power between consumers and the health care industry — driving the industry to cut waste and prioritize high-quality care.

The health care industry has spent millions to influence decisions on health care in Congress, and now groups are mobilizing to try to block reform in Vermont as well.  Clearly, the industry knows how high the stakes are. VPIRG will stand with our many allies in countering this opposition on behalf of Vermont’s consumers.

The Court’s decision today will refocus attention on reform in the states.  For Vermont, that means we have been given a giant green light to move forward with what may be the nation’s most ambitious health care reform plan.  The result will be lower costs, better care and a model for other states to follow.

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