MileageSmart Program Launches

Transportation accounts for nearly half of Vermont’s climate pollution. That’s because a lot of Vermonters travel long distances for work, and are often in older, low-MPG vehicles. One of the best strategies to reduce our carbon pollution from the transportation sector is to get Vermonters out of those vehicles, and into newer models that use less gas. 

That’s why VPIRG has pushed for incentives to make it as easy as possible for Vermonters to buy electric vehicles, and why we also back stronger funding for public transportation and other transportation solutions. 

Not everyone can afford a new vehicle though, and our current system of public transit doesn’t work for everyone. Everyone deserves access to cleaner, more affordable transportation options though, which is why last year, VPIRG and our allies successfully advocated to secure funding to create what’s now called MileageSmart. Administered by our friends at Capstone Community Action, MileageSmart gives Vermonters who are low and middle income help in purchasing a used, fuel efficient vehicle.  

Check out the MileageSmart website today to see if you’re eligible for assistance in purchasing a used, fuel-efficient car. The incentive available is 25% of the vehicle cost – up to $5,000.    

The science is clear – we need to transition away from fossil-fueled transportation. While we’re making that transition though, and alternatives like EVs are still coming down in cost, VPIRG strongly believes that Vermonters who are low and moderate income should have better options available to them. That’s why we pushed for the creation of the MileageSmart program, while we were also advocating for stronger EV incentives and supportive of other, non-“single occupancy vehicle” transportation options. 

Vermonters who take advantage of this offer will pay less at the pump, while reducing our state’s carbon footprint. 

Check here to see if you qualify for the MileageSmart program and its incentive of up to $5000.

To find out more, check out this one pager below:

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