It’s Corporate Lobbyists vs. Vermont Parents, says VPIRG

On Jan. 30, VPIRG’s Lauren Hierl testified in a packed Senate Committee about why Vermonters need stronger, comprehensive reform to keep our families safe from toxic chemical threats. Here’s the message she sent to VPIRG members:

Out-of-state, corporate lobbyists are flying in from as far as Detroit to keep toxic chemicals in everyday products.

Last week, I testified in support of a bill to better protect Vermonters from unregulated toxic chemicals. I was joined by nurses, fire fighters, and other supporters from across the state, but the room was packed with suits – lobbyists who will use corporate influence to drown out calls for toxic chemical reform.

We need the voices of real Vermonters to overwhelm these out-of-state corporate interests. If you’re a parent, we encourage you to bring your kids (we’ll have extra hands to help!). You’ll have the chance to tell your legislators directly why you want safer, healthier products for your family and you’ll be proud that you did.

My message to legislators was clear: “a modest burden on some manufacturers could mean fewer couples struggling with infertility, fewer children born with birth defects or developmental disorders, and fewer cases of cancer or other serious health problems in Vermont.”

They’ve heard from me, they’ve heard from big business lobbyists, now they need to hear from you.

Please join us at the State House next Wednesday, February 12th, from 10-11:30am for our Toxic-Free Families Day!

Hope to see you there,

Lauren Hierl
VPIRG Environmental Health Advocate

P.S. If you can’t make the event on the 12th but still want to take action, click here for more ways to get involved.

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