Intern Working for Health Care Justice

It takes tenacity and smarts to stay on top of all the changes in happening in health care. These are two things that our summer health care intern Alison Stokes has in spades. This summer Alison was a major part of VPIRG’s work to let Vermonters know what federal health care reform will mean for their daily lives.  As part of this work Alison drafted VPIRG’s “Underinsured Report” which will be published later this fall.

Alison came to VPIRG from Vermont Law School where she is on track to receive her law degree in 2014. Prior to coming to Vermont Alison attended Colgate University in Hamilton, NY where she majored in Environmental Geography and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. After graduation she worked for a number of different organizations advocating for better environmental policy. Though she continues her environmental work, it was Alison’s passion for social justice that drew her to work at VPIRG.

“Having dealt with my own insurance woes, I hold steadfast to the belief that your health should not be governed by your bank account. Too many Americans are forced to choose between paying for groceries and rent or paying for a prescriptions and preventative care. The ACA made great strides in providing care to the neediest Americans and Vermont is going even further with those efforts. I am extremely happy that I have had a chance to be a part of the process.”

In addition to her extensive health care research Alison is also an avid rock climber, and is publishing a blog that highlights budget friendly recipes for the perpetually broke graduate student.

We are extremely grateful for Alison’s work here at VPIRG, and look forward to seeing her continue her work to promote social justice.

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