Intern Dives into Reforming Toxic Chemical Regulations

Evaluating funding mechanisms available to states tackling new comprehensive toxic chemical regulations – this research requires brains and patience, both of which intern Mitty Barnard has exemplified this summer.  Mitty comes to VPIRG from Vermont Law School, where she’s on track to complete her law degree in 2013.

Prior to coming to Vermont for law school, Mitty spent six years as an environmental consultant in her home state of Florida.  With years of experience working with environmental rules and regulations associated with development, she was excited to learn how these rules are made through research, policy development, public engagement, and the legislative process.

“My time at VPIRG this summer has given me the unique opportunity to learn just what it takes to transform environmental advocacy into real legislative change,” says Mitty.  “Witnessing the process, from developing campaign strategies to successful public outreach, from an entirely new perspective has been a great experience that I hope to carry with me over the course of my career.  Working with such a passionate and accomplished team has provided me with an invaluable internship experience!”

In addition to her research on funding toxic chemical reform at the state level, Mitty compiled a back-to-school guide (available for download soon) for parents looking to minimize their children’s exposure to toxic chemicals. She is also helping organize a press conference to generate more visibility and increase awareness for this issue.

We are grateful for the thorough research, attention to detail, and great level of professionalism Mitty brought to the VPIRG team!

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