Groups Mark 40th Anniversary with Renewed Commitment to Retire VY

Many of the groups who have led the massive grassroots, policy and legal effort to retire Vermont Yankee over the years gathered at the State House this morning to make clear that they aren’t going away or giving in on this 40th anniversary of the plant’s launch.

March 21st is the day that was to have marked the final retirement of the troubled Vermont Yankee plant had Judge Garvan Murtha not ruled in favor of Entergy Louisiana in its lawsuit against the people of Vermont earlier this year.

Representatives of the groups spoke to their plans to continue efforts to close Vermont Yankee as soon as possible.  “Tomorrow morning Vermonters will wake up, turn on the lights, and realize we don’t need Vermont Yankee anymore,” said VPIRG Director Paul Burns.  “We’ve seen enough of Entergy Louisiana’s leaks, lies and lawyers.  Vermonters want a clean energy future and there’s no place for this nuclear dinosaur in that future.”

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